Monday, July 7, 2008

Shooting with Miss Connecticut Model

Hello All,

I am stoked to announce that one of my favourite people in the world recently won the Ms Connecticut Sweetheart Winner; Ms Connecticut Model Winner; Ms Connecticut Photogenic Runner Up; Ms Connecticut Beauty Runner Up titles in the 'All American Girl & Boy Pageant' this year.

Ishita Sujan is a very ougoing, bubbly and beautiful young lady who at the age of two and a half years, has successfully wrapped her family and friends around her little finger :) I have been photographimg her since she was a baby.

She recently won the title of Miss Connecticut Model and Miss Connecticut Photogenic Runner-Up. Congratulations Baby and Mommy (Leena is one of the most caring, giving moms I have known and she is resposnible for finding this particular competition and preparing and entering Ishita)! Ishita is going to appear in the National Competition this August. We wish her the very best!

Here is the picture we submitted for the Miss Connecticut Competition.

Here are some images that from the Sujan's Family Album. Hope you enjoy...


Rachna said...

hey nishita... loved all the photos you took of ishita, leena and hemant... they are awsome!

I am learning photography, esp food photography, and am far far from taking good pics....

Paige Green said...

Beautiful images. families are my favorite to photography!!

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