Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Killing some time with a good friend...

One Friday not too long ago, my friend PJ invited me to her house to take some pictures. It was a last minute thing and I did not have my camera or lenses with me. This was at about 5 in the evening. I knew I was supposed to pick up my husband Mahesh from the train station at around 7 pm. So... I hesitated... Was there enough time... But of course the lure of spending some time behind my camera was irressitable. So I said yes (but only for a half hour or so...)and ran (drove) home to get my 'gear'. I was able to get to her house by 6.15 and we then went ahead and started taking the pictures. As it turned out PJ is quite a natural in front of the camera. Not to mention absolutely beautiful. We ended up spending 50 minutes before we realized that I had to leave. We had to wrap up that session. I picked up my husband (who btw patiently waited for 45 mins at the train station for me to wrap up my shoot.) I took him out to his favourite restaurant for dinner to thank him.... I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. Thanks honey for being so patient and understanding. Thanks PJ for the time.

Here are some pictures from our photo shoot. Enjoy!

1 comment:

jay said...

hi sweetheart,

I am so proud of you that the time you are putting in your hobby for photography is turning out very good , the photos are excelent and so is the girl she is looking very pretty and beautiful how come you have never mentioned about her !


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